Points to Consider While Pre-Planning your Funeral Arrangements

Keeping a Proactive Mindset

Funeral pre-planning is a beautiful gift of preparation and anticipation, both for yourself and for your friends and family. It means that one of the most difficult aspects of saying goodbye has already been taken care of.

One of the keys to successful and impactful funeral planning is to keep a proactive mindset, even if it isn’t necessarily a positive one. At the end of the day, you are pre-planning your funeral arrangements for the benefit of those who you love. You are answering the questions now so that they don’t have to be answered by your loved one later, which is both a noble and meaningful gesture.

Let’s explore some important points to consider when pre-planning your arrangements.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • How would I like to be honored and remembered?

Though you may have already considered what kind of memorial service or preservation option you’d prefer, you may not have given much thought to the small but important details that represent you as an individual. Perhaps you are an avid traveler, or maybe you’ve always been passionate about a particular place in your state. Think about how these could be meaningful incorporated into commemorating you.

  • “Have I made a checklist of my priorities?”

One of the beautiful aspects of funeral planning is a chance to make sure that your wishes are known and taken care of in advance. If there are priorities, such as quotations or Bible verses, music or flowers that you would like to include, these are all things to annotate at the time of pre-planning.

  • “Am I keeping my family’s interests and needs in mind?”

While choosing the arrangements and options that best suit your needs, budget, and personality, you might want to consider your family’s needs as well. It would be in their best interests, for example, to choose a cemetery location that is convenient for the largest part of your family if you haven’t already established a family estate at this time.

Important People to Consult

  • Your Partner or Closest Loved One

Certain members of your family might have difficulty discussing the topic of pre-planning, but it is important to let them know, especially in the case of a partner, where you’ve pre-planned your arrangements, and more or less what they involve. Remind them that this is not a declaration of any bad news, nor is it something to dwell on. You have taken care of pre-planning for precisely the opposite reasons—it is now a potential issue that is simply resolved.

  • Your Trusted Planning Consultant or Care Provider

You might have gone ahead and written or thought about your plans, and now it’s time to organize them with a trusted specialist. They will be able to help set everything into motion and point out any details that you might have overlooked.

Things to Remember During the Pre-Planning Process

While pre-planning funeral arrangements is not necessarily a task that everyone anticipates with excitement, the thought of such a selfless and beautiful act, caring for yourself and your loved ones, should serve as motivation to take matters into your own hands.

We here at Pines Funerals are committed to creating a pre-planning process for you that is both hassle-free and compassionate, ensuring that you and your family are prepared for anything and everything with a warm heart and an empathetic shoulder.

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