Katherine Sineath Webb

katherine webb

Carthage, NC
Kathrine Sineath Webb, age 62 of Carthage died Friday (June 10, 2011) at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital in Pinehurst.
Funeral services will be 2:00 PM Thursday at Summer Hill Baptist Church. Burial will follow in the church cemetery.
A native of Moore County she was a daughter of the late Luther and Mary Gibson Sineath. She was employed with Ithaca Industries in Robbins for over 12 years as an instructor. She was preceded in death by: her brothers Randy and Wayne Sineath.
She is survived by: her husband of 25 years Terry Webb; daughter Nancy Tannehill and husband John; son Don âa‚¬A'D.C.âa‚¬A Webb and wife Jessica all of Carthage. Ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
The family will receive friends following the service in the fellowship hall.
Memorials may be made to: Terry Webb c/o Katherine Webb memorial fund at any BB&T location.
Fry and Prickett Funeral Home is assisting the Webb family.
Condolences: www.pinesfuneral.com

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  1. I am not the same woman without you Mama, your the missing piece of me, that makes me, me. I love and miss you sooo much! I just keep telling myself, I will be whole again,in heaven with you.

  2. It’s been a long time, another lifetime it seems. I wish you hadn’t gotten sick Kathy, that you were still here today. You were very much loved now & forever.

  3. I wish you were here, you would be so excited you wouldnt know what to do. I wish I could see your face when Id tell you that Im pregnant. You would probley call me 10 times a day just to check on how me and the baby were doing. I wish you were here to se

  4. Our hearts broke today in 1987, grandpa died. While he was still alive, he only said prayer after prayer,for all of us.He is the best man I have ever loved!

  5. Mama I am trying hard but they are testing me. I wanna make you proud by trying to be humble, the way you are! Their not making that very easy!!! I love and miss you all day, everyday!!!

  6. Dear Grandma,
    hey it’s Mary you know one of your little Angels, you know we all miss you down here, but than again we all know your up there with the ones who truely love you and the ones you missed in loved the most! In now your walking with the ma

  7. Mama you have new grand-daughter! Her name is Katherine Noelle Webb. She weighed 6lbs. 12oz. and 19in. She was born on your wonderful mothers (Mary) birthday, October 6, 2012. 🙂 I know you are over flowing with joy, in heaven and watching over all of us,

  8. At 7pm, 8 years ago, you handed me a beautiful small bouquet of flowers, when i walked through your front door, for me to hold while I was getting married, to the man I love in your living room. Thank you, Mama.You made my wedding special!

  9. You never had a easy life! You always had to work. Your love for everyone, was unconditional and that is the kind of love you deserved to have in return! You deserved so much more, Mama! I LOVE AND MISS YOU STILL EVERYDAY AND I ALWAYS WILL!!!!

  10. Mama, DC came to the house today. I believe it was one of the closest times we have had together, since he was a little boy.
    He is one hell of a Father, you would be so proud of him, I am proud of him. He has a heavy heart, I told him you would NOT

  11. Mama, you always had eyes that seen the best in people, a heart that forgave the worst, a mind that forgot the bad and a soul that never lost faith in GOD!

    June 10, 2011 in CARTHAGE (2 photos)

  13. You have to watch over me, Mama, 1-31-13. I an having surgery, but knowing you are with me, I will be ok. If I am not ok, I will be with you! Then I will be watching over John and the all of my kids!

  14. ~ A LETTER FROM HEAVEN ~ Perhaps you aren’t ready yet, to have to say good-bye. Perhaps you thought of things, you wish you had of said… well so have I. For one thing I have told You, not to worry about me. I am with the Lord in Heaven now,You knew that

  15. Missing You Always
    You never said I’m leaving,
    You never said Goodbye,
    You were gone before we knew it
    And only God knows why.
    A million times I needed you
    A million times I cried,
    If love alone could have saved you

  16. Kathy’s birthday would be 26 feb. I always called her at work to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. I sure miss my sister..

  17. Mama I had my knee surgery yesterday and everything went good! Thank you for always being with me where ever I go. I feel safe knowing you look after me from above! I love you so much Mama, I sure hope I dream about you tonight. That’s my favorite thing t

  18. Mama
    Mama is such
    A special word
    The loveliest
    I’ve ever heard!
    A toast to you,
    above all the rest
    Mama, you’re so special
    You’re simply the best!

  19. Love Leaves A Memory
    Those we love don’t go away,
    They walk beside us everyday,
    Unseen, unheard, but always near,
    Still loved, still missed and very dear.
    For death leaves a heartache, No one can heal.
    And love leaves a mem

  20. That Fateful Day
    I can’t forget that fateful day,
    you had to leave, you went away.
    A sadness filled me up inside,
    Emotions that I could not hide.
    Tears, they came, sadness too,
    All my emotions, just for you.
    Time will

    Don’t tell me that you understand.
    Don’t tell me that you know.
    Don’t tell me that I will survive,
    How I will surely grow.
    Don’t come with me with answers,
    That can only come from me.
    Don’t tell me how my

  22. Heavens Gate
    Mama, when I get to heavens gate,
    I will walk straight through.
    You will be there with open arms,
    And I will run to you!


  24. ~~~Missing Mama~~~
    Forever we will miss you…
    Forever we will cry…
    Why did you have to leave us…
    And gain your wings to fly…

  25. ~~~Angel’s Pennies~~~
    I found a penny today
    Just laying on the ground.
    But it’s not just a penny
    This little coin I found.
    Found pennies come from heaven
    that’s what my Grandpa told me.
    He said Angels tossed them down

  26. ~~~My Angel~~~
    My heart is full of memories,
    With pride I speak your name,
    Though life goes on without you,
    It will never be the same.
    I love you, I miss you,
    You will live in my
    heart f

  27. ~~~The Broken chain~~~
    We little knew that morning
    God was going to call your name
    In life we loved you dearly
    In death we do the same
    It broke our hearts to lose you,
    You did not go alone.
    For part of us went with

  28. I Know You Sleep In Heaven
    I know you sleep in heaven,
    and up there dream of me.
    Waiting there for those you love,
    until together we will be.
    I know that you’re not lonely,
    in company of angels above.
    Watching over and

  29. ~~~~~Missing You~~~~~
    We’re missing you a little more
    Each time we hear your name,
    We’ve cried so many tears
    Yet our hearts are broken just the same.
    We miss our times together
    Things in common we could share,
    But nothi

  30. ~~~No One Knows~~~
    They say there is a reason
    They say that time will heal
    But neither time nor reason
    Will change the way I feel
    For no one knows the heartache
    That lies behind my smiles
    No one knows how many times

  31. ~~~~~My Angel~~~~~
    My heart is full of memories,
    with pride I speak your name.
    Though life goes on with out you,
    I will never be the same.

  32. ~~~Time For You To Rest~~~
    God looked around his garden
    And found an empty place,
    He then looked down upon the earth
    And saw your tired face.
    He put his arms around you
    And lifted you to rest.
    God’s garden must be beau

  33. I cannot see you
    But I can remember you
    Your Smile ~ Your Laugh
    Your Advice ~ Your Kindness
    There are just so many reasons
    Why I will love you until
    We meet in heaven once again.

  34. ~~Heaven Needed My Mama~~
    So many things about my Mama I miss–
    Her gentle hug and tender kiss.
    I still can feel her warm embrace,
    And picture yet her loving face.
    A mothers task are never done.
    And heaven must have needed

  35. ~~We Will Meet Again~~
    Although you can’t be with me,
    We’re truly not apart,
    Until the final breath I take,
    You’ll be living in my heart…

  36. ~~~ <3 ~~~
    <3 You’ve just walked on ahead of me <3
    You’ve just walked on ahead of me
    And I’ve got to understand.
    You must release the ones you love
    And let go of their hand.
    I try and cope the best I can

  37. That Fateful day
    I can’t forget that fateful day,
    you had to leave, you went away.
    A sadness filled me up inside,
    Emotions that I could not hide.
    Tears, they came, sadness too,
    All my emotions, just for you.

  38. Wyatt Lyde Johnson your first great grandson!!! Born March 4,2013. Weighed 7 lbs. 10 ozs. 20 1/2 inches. Time of birth was 2:20 pm.

  39. ~~~ Nobody Knows but Me~~~
    I once had something special that money couldn’t buy
    I had a special person but I had to say goodbye.
    If I was asked one question,Why I thought the world of you,
    I could give a million answers and they all wo

  40. Miss u more and more everyday, Mama! Never will be the same! Love u always have and always will! 💞

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