Introducing our new Fountain of Faith Columbaria

Introducing our new Fountain of Faith Columbaria



Southern Pines, NC – 5.10.2021 – Pinelawn Memorial Park today announced two new structures as part of an ongoing series of upgrades to enhance the beauty of their 15-acre grounds while offering new ways to serve Moore County families for generations to come.

A new “Fountain of Faith” Columbaria is slated to be completed by June 1, 2021. The new stone installation features an elegant eagle in flight along with a water feature. It will be positioned behind the mausoleum with additional cremation niches also slated for development.

“With these enhancements to the park, families and friends will continue to have a quiet and beautiful place to visit their loved ones.” said Robert Nunnaley, Pinelawn Owner & Director.

Pinelawn and Powell Funeral Home are scheduled to break ground on a brand-new funeral home and cremation center. As a current owner of three other funeral home locations, Nunnaley stresses the importance of all-in-one care when families need it most. “We have served thousands of families over the years. We know how hard it is to lose a loved one—that’s why we do everything we can to make the funeral process as simple as possible by providing everything the family needs in one convenient location.”

A series of other updates and future enhancements are also in the works for Pinelawn Memorial Park. “When my wife Kerry and I took over ownership last year, we promised the Williford family that the property would stay locally owned and independently operated while continuing to offer the highest level of care. That means always looking ahead to see how we can enhance our grounds, our facilities and our services to better serve families.”

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